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Thrilling performance
Shake it out

Shake it out

Rock solid sounds
Electronic madness

Electronic madness

Thrilling performances

Event Date & Time

23, 24 & 25 March 2017
@09.00 am

Event Location

63 Site IV, Sahibabad Industrial Area, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad U.P.


Three days filled with Excitement, Interest and Entertainment for the ever too hardworking Engineers. A Festival that brings you out of the books and technical world and encourages you to participate in some co-curricular and extra co-curricular activities. Time to follow your interest with passion and come up, open up your minds and let the air enthrall you.

Check it out

Special Guest Performance

Kanika Kapoor

March 25th, 2017
The Bollywood playback singer Kanika Kapoor, commonly known as the “Baby Doll” Singer has many feathers to her hat. Through her successful singing career, she has received one Filmfare Award and has established herself as one of the leading singers of India.

Kavi Sammelan

Choir of Guns

Quake III Arena will be the first game to be played followed by Counter-Strike Deathmatch. The top scorers in each round shall proceed to the next round.

War of Bands

Gear up for crazy screaming and jumping to the rocking tunes of the music as UDBHAV’17 presents you its biggest event. The best talents across India will rock the stage by throwing their eclectic musical tones enough to create stir around and compete to become the champions of WAR OF BANDS.

list of events

TitleEvent OverviewDate & TimeCategoryVenues
PicturesqueCaptured in lens2017-03-23 08:00:002017-03-12 00:34:40
Choir of GunsLAN Gaming2017-03-23 12:00:002017-03-11 00:02:23
TambolaDoes your numerology consider you lucky?2017-03-23 15:00:002017-03-11 23:35:27
Croon (Finale)Any Karaoke or accompanist musician is allowed.. The event will be held in two rounds: …2017-03-25 10:00:002017-03-10 23:04:54
Ultimate Petrol-HeadAutomobile Quiz2017-03-25 10:00:002017-03-10 23:57:48
Blindfold Leads2017-03-25 10:00:002017-03-12 00:31:35
CITRON D COURSE (LEMON RACE)Description-Run as fast as you can, but with LEMON on ur spoon Rules : 1) …2017-03-25 10:00:002017-03-12 13:12:39
FABRICATION DE POT(POT PAINTING)One liner Matka Bnao Rules:- Participants are provided with pot and colours. Participants can bring …2017-03-25 10:30:002017-03-12 00:29:01
SEIZE THE DAY (BALLOON DANCE)Description- Balloon dance Rules : 1) Team consists of 2 members 2) Dropping or bursting …2017-03-25 11:00:002017-03-12 13:14:01
SHER-O-SHAYRIRules -> Round 1 1.individual participation In round 1 you will be clearly judged on …2017-03-25 11:30:002017-03-12 21:26:49
NukkadThe team shall consist of maximum of 12 people and minimum of 6 people. Only …2017-03-25 12:00:002017-03-10 23:17:01
Street DanceThe event will be conducted in two rounds i.e. prelims and finals. The event is …2017-03-25 12:00:002017-03-10 23:23:24
Kya Aap Panchvi Paas Se Tez Hai?Explore the general knowledge within you.2017-03-25 12:00:002017-03-10 23:54:39
FINGER JOY(NAIL ART)launt your Pretty Nails Rules :- Participants are requested to bring their own materials. Time …2017-03-25 12:00:002017-03-12 00:30:51
Gangsta Groove2017-03-25 13:00:002017-03-11 23:49:56
SARTORIA(DRESS MAKING)One liner Make a dress of waste Rules :- Participants will bring their own material. …2017-03-25 13:00:002017-03-12 00:32:59
Tech-CharadesTechnical Dumb Sharaz2017-03-25 14:00:002017-03-10 23:55:57
Channel SwitchParticipant will have to act like a television set, and speak spontaneously about the given …2017-03-25 14:00:002017-03-12 21:11:51
Kanika Kapoor (Star Night)2017-03-25 19:30:002017-03-21 19:19:41



TitleEvent Results
Battle of wits(Literary) 1st-faneendra sharma and mayank srivastava-Ipec 2nd-utkarsh singh and sandeep tiwari-Ipec 3rd-Bhavna chaudhry  and gaurav puri-Ipec2017-03-24 23:08:31
Mudde ki Baat (Literary)1st-Abhishek Yadav -Ipec 2nd-Anas Qureshi-Ipec 3rd-Surbhi Malik-Ipec2017-03-24 23:04:34
Rangoli Results1st Abhishek & Nancy 2nd Shekhar & Kuldeep 3rd Vaibhav & Shewta 2017-03-24 17:57:14
DubsmashWinners 1st-Abhishek and Dheeraj 2nd-Rishab and Nachiketa 3rd-Chirag and Ujjwal Special-Tejas and Rohan2017-03-24 17:03:51
ChatkaareWinners 1st- Prateek Singh 2nd-Mayank Tiwari 3rd- Dheeraj Singh2017-03-24 16:57:23
Mudde Ki Baat (Literary)1st-Abhishek Yadav -Ipec 2nd-Anas Quershi-Ipec 3rd-Surbhi Malik-Ipec2017-03-24 16:31:00
Robo wars1  Sujeet and Mrityunjay 2 Munesh and satya 3 Mohit amd Rajat2017-03-24 16:10:09
Eat QuicklyDavender Adikar2017-03-24 15:49:04
Face Painting Results1st Shekhar & Kuldeep 2nd Meenal & Hitesh 3rd Shelly & Archie2017-03-24 15:37:54
Treasure huntWinners  1 altaf and ajay 2 kush and harshit 3 vivek2017-03-24 15:09:24
Skit results Winners  1.The Craftomaniacs.2017-03-24 15:05:23
JAM(Literary)1st -Prachi-Ipec 2nd-Shreya-Ipec 3rd-Nitin Joshi-Ipec2017-03-24 14:56:51
Aalekh Lekhan (Literary)1st mihir tripathi-Ipec 2nd Piyush mishra -Ipec 3rd Srishti Pandey-Ipec2017-03-24 14:52:34
Wrap it upParul maam and team2017-03-24 14:19:47
Card Making Results1) Tripti 2)Arpit 3)Yarin2017-03-24 13:33:05
AntakshiriShalini maam and team2017-03-24 13:24:18
SwitcherooWinners 1st – Abhishek 2nd- Rohan 3rd- Alok2017-03-24 13:06:07
Jitterbugged (Final) ResultsWinners Invincibles Illusions Akriti and group2017-03-24 12:26:15
Duet dance Winners 1, Eishani and Ritika . 2. Vishal and Swati. 3. Vandana  and Stuti .2017-03-24 12:24:14
Graphic CombatWinners 1-Kushagra Nigam 2-Tanmay Gupta 3-Amit Yadav2017-03-24 12:12:34
Relay balloonWinners  1st- Rohan and Shubham 2nd- Yashveer and Yhushant 3rd-Abhishek and Nachiketa2017-03-24 11:46:53
Musical ChairFirst position : Shefali Maam (EC) Second position : Shweta aggarwal2017-03-24 11:05:36
Tattoo Mafia Results1st Aarti & Prishanshi    4th yr/CS 2nd Dhruvil & Himanshu     4th yr/ …2017-03-23 19:05:54
Rajneeti (Literary)1st-Saurav,Shaurya,Tavishi -IPEC 2nd -Anas,Piyush,Swagatika-Ipec 3rd-Vishal,Suyash,Aditya-Ipec2017-03-23 18:57:17
Ishaare(literary)1st sushant and Tanmay -IPEC 2nd deepika and rishali-Ipec 3rd Drishti and Dishika -Ipec2017-03-23 18:46:13
Solo dance Winners 1.avez khan . 2.vishal . 3.utsav sharma2017-03-23 18:45:53
2 Fast 2 FuriousWinners 1- Abhishek and sumit  2- Yash and rishi 3-Utkarsh and Gaurav2017-03-23 18:36:03
COMBAT YOURSELF (LITERARY)1st -Nancy Khullar -IPEC 2nd-Anas-Ipec 3rd-Shreya -Ipec2017-03-23 18:35:03
SONNETERIA (LITERARY )1st – Mohit Mittal College -BMS 2nd- Harshita Pandey -IPEC 3rd -Anas Qureshi-IPEC2017-03-23 18:28:22
Solo singingFirst position : Kinshuki Maam (CS) Second position : Satyam sir (civil)2017-03-23 17:37:09
Nakrize(Mehendi) Results1st.  Anjali & Jagriti   3rd yr/IT 2nd Stuti & Vandana  3rd yr/CE 3rd Jaya …2017-03-23 17:07:06
jitterbugged(prelims)Finalists 2017-03-23 16:51:03
Solo dance (prelims)Finalists 1.vishal 2.utsav sharma 3.akshat Kapoor. 4.aditya sharma . 5.hemant. 6.Shubham chaudhary. 7.deeksha chaudhary 8.avez …2017-03-23 16:47:35
Be a Charlie ChaplinWinners  1st- Pranjan(ipec) 2nd-Gaurav Tiwari(ipec) 3rd-Gaurav Rawal(shyamlal colg)2017-03-23 16:41:43
Blind codingWinners   1-Sanjay 2-Archit jain 3-shashank singh2017-03-23 16:35:57
THE SHERLOCKWinners: 1 shubhangi jain, shivani gupta cse 3rd yr 2 kushagra nigam, kush verma  cse …2017-03-23 16:11:25
Sketching Talent Results1st Kanika 4th year 2nd Shivam Kumar 3rd year 3rd.  Suraj 1st year2017-03-23 15:54:49
Fill it upWinners 1st -Archi and Himani 2nd -shivender and abhishek 3rd- shubham and abhishek2017-03-23 15:49:17
Three legged race (men)Prateek sir and akshay sir (EC)2017-03-23 15:45:27
Three legged Race (women)Garima Maam and Tripti Maam (CS)2017-03-23 15:42:32
ZuneWinners  1.vinayak sharma   (632) 2.Ayush Srivastava (628) 3.Abhinav(629)2017-03-23 15:09:41
Poster Making Results1st. Sneha Sharma       2nd year/CE 2nd.Deepankar.             …2017-03-23 14:26:10
Colour Splash (Rangoli)First position : Prateek and pooja (EC)          Second position : Neha …2017-03-23 14:01:48
Lemonade frenzyWinners 1st – Alok 2nd- dishika 3rd – mohit2017-03-23 13:23:54
Mesh maestro Winners  1 sanjay pandey it 4th 2 kushagra nigam cse 3rd 3 aditi jain cse …2017-03-23 13:19:01
Battle of Wits Auditions ResultsShortlisted participants have to report on 24th March 2017, at 3:30 pm at Mechanical Seminar …2017-03-22 00:48:33
Rajneeti Auditions ResultsShortlisted participants are supposed to report in Study Room at 1 pm for party allotment. …2017-03-21 08:48:42
Solo Singing Auditions ResultsName Branch Year Aakash Verma ECE 2nd Ankur CSE 4th Shanu Thakur ECE 2nd Nihal …2017-03-19 00:16:28
Duet Dance Auditions ResultsName Of The Participant Branch Year Akansha & Shakti CSE/IT 2 Chirag & Amrita ME/IT …2017-03-18 23:09:31
Group Dance Auditions ResultsName Of The Participant Branch Year Akriti & Group ECE 2 Illusion ECE 3 Invincibles …2017-03-18 23:07:27
Solo Dance Auditions ResultsName Of The Participant BRANCH YEAR Awij Khan IT 3 Aakriti ECE 2 Diksha IT …2017-03-17 14:08:29

Event Location

  • Event Location
    63 Site IV, Sahibabad Industrial Area,
    Surya Nagar Flyover Road Sahibabad,
    Ghaziabad U.P.
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